No school in RSU 9 on Wednesday, December 22nd.

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December 21, 2021

The Weather for tomorrow does not look promising. There is a wintry mix that looks like it will come in early tomorrow morning, first as snow when we are picking students up to start the day. The weather is then supposed to turn to sleet and ice mid-day when we would be sending students home as part of our planned Early Release Day. If the wintry mix were to come in earlier we would not have a delay during an Early Release Day and I would be calling it a snow day. Because of these concerns and my wanting to give parents more time to make arrangements than probably starting at 5:30 tomorrow am I am calling school for tomorrow, Wednesday, December 22nd.

There will be no school in RSU 9 on Wednesday, December 22nd.

Please be safe!

Superintendent Elkington

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