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District Budget Validation Referendum - Tuesday, June 14 - in RSU 9 towns

Tuesday, June 14
All Day

Let your voice be heard. Get out and vote on June 14th!
There is one last step before RSU 9's 2022-23 district budget is finalized; the validation referendum on Tuesday. We ask that you continue to model our democratic processes for our students by either completing an absentee ballot or going to the polls.
There are two questions on the RSU 9 Budget Validation Referendum Ballot -
  • Question 1 - Do you favor approving the RSU 9 budget for the upcoming school year that was adopted at the latest RSU budget meeting?
  • Question 2 (Maine law that this is asked every three years) - Do you wish to continue the budget validation referendum process in RSU 9 for an additional three years?
    • A “YES” vote will require RSU 9 to continue to conduct a referendum to validate its annual school budget for the next three years. (This would continue our current and longstanding practice)
    • A “NO” vote will discontinue the budget validation referendum for at least three years and provide instead that the annual school budget shall be finally adopted at a meeting of the voters of RSU 9.
Polls are open from 8am to 8pm in all RSU 9 communities except, Weld which is open from 10am to 8pm.

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