Mt Blue High School

Financial Aid

Financing most post-secondary education lies with the student and their family, and their ability to pay. The difference between a family's ability to pay and the total cost of the institution each year is deemed "financial need," and is met through "financial aid."

Financial need is met through a combination of financial aid programs including grants, scholarships, loans, and other self-help programs such as work-study. Financial aid is either need based, depending upon the family's ability to pay, or merit based, which is dependent on academic or other types of talent.

The process for applying for financial aid occurs between October – February. Early application is encouraged. Assistance in completing this process is available through the School Counseling office.

Included below are links to some information you may find helpful -

  • FAFSA - Apply for Aid (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
  • FAME - Financial Authority of Maine - Education
  • FSA - Federal Student Aid (FSA) ID Tracking Sheet