Mt Blue High School


Mt. Blue Campus (MBC) is the home of Mt. Blue High School (MBHS) and Foster Career and Technical Education Center (FCTEC). Traditional high school and career and technical classrooms are located side-by-side at MBC, which exposes students to a variety of subjects and provides faculty opportunities for interdisciplinary instruction.

As a student at MBHS you will have opportunities to take part in rigorous academic classes. We offer honors and advanced placement classes in many different content areas. In addition, we offer many hands-on technical classes on campus through FCTEC. Our music, art, and performing arts programs are some of the best in the state.

A day in the life

A student day at Mt. Blue High School.

  • The typical school day is from 7:45 am to 2:02 pm. Students have four (4) classes a day and eat breakfast and lunch at school (students can buy breakfast & lunch at school, lunch is included in the tuition).
  • Students live with a host family and transportation to and from school is provided.
  • Through our school counseling office, students can select their classes. Students can take up to 8 classes. The list of Mt. Blue High School courses can be found in the Course of Studies and the courses offered at Foster Career and Technical Education Center can be found on their website.
  • Students have four (4) classes each day. There are blue days and gold days. Your blue day classes differ from your gold day classes. For example, a student might have AP US History, Honors English, Orchestra, Calculus on a blue day. Then Chemistry CP, Advanced Physical Education, Creative Writing, and 2D/3D Art on a gold day. The days alternate blue/gold/blue/gold… which are our school colors. Every day students have Academic Support time to meet with their teachers as needed.
  • Holidays - There are four (4) long school breaks and several three (3)-day weekends. There are three days in November for Thanksgiving, a week or more in December (around Christmas and New Year’s), a week in February and a week in April. Students are welcome to stay with their host families during these breaks.
  • Mt. Blue High School has a variety of after school sports, clubs, organizations, and programs. Students have practice, games, or meetings almost every day after school. Students finish school at 2:02 and then the student usually has after school activities from 2:30-5:00. There are three (3) sports seasons. Please visit our Student Life page to see the clubs, organizations, sports, and other programs offered at Mt. Blue High School.