Mt Blue High School


For Students 

  • Student Application - to be completed, in English, by a student applying for admission to Mt. Blue High School.
  • Upload the Student Application Materials - upload your completed student application, photos, transcript, passport, medical release, proof of health insurance and vaccination release.

for homestay host families

  • Host Family Application Form - to be completed by a family applying for consideration to become an International Student Homestay host family.
  • Host Family Criminal Background Check Authorization From - a criminal background check must be completed for anyone living in the host family household who will be 18 years or older during the school year.
  • Host Family Reference Form - the host family must provide a minimum of three non-related personal references who have visited their home.
  • Upload the Host Family Application Materials - upload your completed host family application, photos, background check authorization, and reference form.

for agents / consultants