Mt Blue High School

Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Mt. Blue High School at Mt. Blue Campus!

Mt. Blue Campus provides students and adults in the Greater Franklin County area with a facility that strives to meet the needs of all learners. Featured as a “community building”, this complex is the location of many educational and civic events. Mt. Blue Campus (MBC) houses three major organizations: Mt. Blue High School, Foster Career and Technical Education Center, and Franklin County Adult Basic Education.

At Mt. Blue High School students can choose to participate in a variety of courses and offerings that meet the needs of their individual interests and pathways. Our main goal is to prepare students for college, careers, and the world beyond high school. To that end, students are able to craft schedules that include career and technical education programs, dual enrollment college classes on the University of Maine at Farmington campus, as well as our traditional high school core courses and electives at a variety of levels depending on interest. In collaboration with Foster Career and Technical Education Center, Mt. Blue participates in the state’s Early College program called Bridge Academy. This program allows students to complete one full year of college through the University of Maine System before they graduate from high school. We strive to support students in creating a unique and integrated learning pathway through their secondary school experiences.

We also are proud of the abundance of co-curricular and extra-curricular offerings that enhance our students’ learning experiences. Please see our Student Life page for a listing of all our clubs, activities and teams that provide students the opportunity to showcase their talents beyond the classroom and the chance to explore new interests.

We look forward to sharing our campus, our vast educational and co- and extra-curricular offerings, our caring and supportive faculty and staff, and our passion for a well rounded education with you. If you have questions after perusing our website, please be sure to email us. We will be happy to assist!

Joel Smith
Interim Principal
Mt. Blue High School