Mt Blue High School


Mt. Blue High School's science program helps provide training and practice for students to engage with the world from a scientific perspective. Our teaching professionals encourage curiosity about the natural world, but also encourage students to go beyond simple curiosity to understand complex relationships in the universe. 

All of our classes are taught by an enthusiastic group of science professionals, many whom have worked academically or professionally in their fields of study. As scientists, as well as educators, our underlying mission is to help students understand different concepts and issues through the use of evidence, and although we have a wide variety of scientific offerings in the department, this central theme is present in all of them. Our staff is committed to helping Mt. Blue students become better problem solvers and good communicators.

In addition, many of our course offerings naturally dovetail with Foster Career and Technical Education Center programs like biotechnology, pre-engineering, robotics, forestry, composites, CADD, and others.