MBMS Technology Team

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Title Certifications/ Expertise

District Technicians

Kevin Bremner  

Mark Gibson

  • MLTI Technician
  • Apple Certification
  • Audio Support
  • Digital Support
  • Mechanical and software repairs
  • MEA/NWEA Testing Education and Support
  • Help Desk Support
  • Network/Framework/Wiring Assistance
  • Peripheral assistance/support/installation
  • Professional Development
  • Inventory Management

Library/Media Specialist

Sherry Wyman

  • Digital Citizenship
  • Sharing Resources
  • Audio Equip. Setup

Technology Liaison

Denise Mochamer

  • Technology Staff/Professional Development
  • MBMS Webpage
  • 5 min troubleshooting/write tech ticket
  • Share information between the technology department and teachers
  • Funnel training need to Martha Thibodeau

Maine Apple Refresh Teacher Leader (MARTL)

Frank Giampietro

  • Inform staff of Prof. Dev. provided by MLTI, invite teachers and administrators to MARTL webinars.
  • 5 min troubleshooting/write tech ticket
  • Lead discussions about how to use Apple programs like iBooks Author, iMovie, or Garage Band--based on need and/or my most recent training via MARTL webinars and training
  • Attend MARTL gatherings in spring, summer, and fall each year.
  • Support Denise, Kevin, Mark, and Sherry when needed.