Identification Procedure

RSU 9  Mt Blue Regional School District will identify students with superior intellectual ability or specific academic aptitude in grades K-12 using multiple and specific criteria.

  1. Teacher checklists, parent recommendations, peer recommendations, and observations are the first step. Each fall collected data is reviewed by the GT coordinator and the GT committee. Students are selected from data and recommendations to move to the next step in the screening process.
  2. The second step involves using multiple measures and is an individualized process based on the amount of available data. 
  3. A file review is done reviewing the student's academic records file.  Report card information and past testing results are recorded. Available testing results NWEA, NECAP, Path Driver, DNA, DRA etc. are recorded.

Selected student are then assessed by the GT coordinator or GT teachers using a minimum of three measures: one on one diagnostic tests/interviews, GT developed informal assessments, SIGS Scales for Identifying Gifted Students, Renzullii Scales. A  CogAt (Cognitive Abilities Test) is required as an objective piece.  A minimum score on the CogAT as determined by the identification Committee is required. 

SAGES 2 will be used to assist with gaining further data for programming and as an alternative additional assessment in the appeals process.

Process for transfer students

When a student enters our district their file is screened by a local secretary. If there is information in the file that indicates that the student was identified or received services in a gifted program the GT coordinator and the GT teacher will work to gather more information about that student. A file review will be conducted. The previous school may be contacted through emails and phone calls. The student may be interviewed to determine past programming. The parents may be contacted for additional information.

The current classroom teacher will be consulted as to the performance and progress of the student to determine need. A full screening including informal assessments, rating scales, diagnostic interviews and formal testing may be given as a part of the district’s screening process before admittance into RSU 9 GT program. Qualifying scores from other districts are considered but are not a guarantee for placement in RSU 9’s GT program. After a thorough screening, the data will be presented to the selection committee for a final determination.

Gifted programs are designed to serve the top 3-5% of their district's population. Being identified in another school district is not a guarantee of admittance into RSU 9’s program.

As in every situation with students in RSU 9 best placement and appropriate services for the individual student will guide decisions. Placement in GT programming is flexible and responsive to the needs of the student based on available resources and staffing.

Exit Procedure:

Every year student data and performance are reviewed by the GT staff/ coordinator/selection committee. Discussions about students needs and programming will take place in regards to appropriate services and placement for individual students.

Best practices, individual needs, and available programming will drive the decision that is made. If for some reason it is decided that an Identified student is not best served in the program they can/may be removed.

Criteria include:

  • Performance in the program
  • Personal reasons
  • Psychological reasons
  • Test scores

Before removal from the program, the GT teacher/coordinator will contact the parent and explain the reason for the change. If the child is at appropriate age changes may also be discussed with them. The ultimate goal is to meet the needs of the student and provide them with the most appropriate educational experience/setting.

Parents/guardians and students may also request dismissal from the program. This may be done by contacting the student’s GT teacher or the GT coordinator and submitting the request in writing. Once exited from the program students must be re-screened for re-admittance.

Process for Appeals:

A parent or student may appeal any final decision made by the selection committee regarding selection for or removal from the GATE /Differentiated Curriculum program.

This appeal should be made in writing and submitted to the selection committee via the GT coordinator. The committee will review the request and prepare a plan to discuss the request and reassess the status of the student. A final report /plan will be shared with the person appealing, based on the findings of the committee.

If parents do not agree with the Committee's determination they may request further testing. After this is done and the results are shared the Committee will make its final determination. Parents will be informed in writing.

A wait time of one year must be observed before the parent may request consideration for the identification of their student/child again. Parents may also pursue private testing to aid in identification, at their own expense. If additional testing is needed an appropriate wait time should be observed appropriate to the kind of test given. A cognitive ability test has a wait time of one year.