What is PBIS?

Our PBIS team meets monthly to review our SWIS data and create monthly goals to increase responsible, respectful, and safe behavior at school.

New this year!

We have a wonderful school wide goal this year. Our goal is to create an inclusive and welcoming environment which values, recognizes and affirms the worth of each individual in our learning community. To help us reach our goal, we are starting a very effective program for students who need additional support.

We call this program "Check In/Check Out (CICO)." Students involved in this program will check in with a staff member in the morning. At Check In they receive a point card allowing them to receive points for being a safe, respectful, responsible citizen of our school. The staff member and the student talk together, setting a goal of how many points the student will get that day. As they go through the day, they must periodically check in with their teacher to receive points. At the end of the day they check out with a staff member who totals the points and discusses how the day went. Students will bring home a report each day to let the parent know if they met their goal. There is a place for the parent to sign and then your child will bring the form back to school. Students can earn Caught in the Act cards for accumulating all their points.

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support

Cascade Brook School is implementing Positive Behavior Intervention and Support. PBIS is all about preventing the unacceptable behavior before it starts, figuring out WHY a child is having behavioral difficulties and either teaching the correct behavior, or preventing the unacceptable through knowing what triggers the behavior and intervening before it occurs.

As shown by the pyramid below we have three tiers. Each Tier represents a different population of students and a different set of positive interventions to prevent repeated unacceptable behavior. Our goal is provide as much positive support at Tier I and Tier II as possible so that very few students reach Tier III.

PBIS is also about having a proactive and positive staff knowing the problem areas of a school and those students in Tier II and Tier III who are prone to not understanding or carrying out acceptable behaviors in our school.

TIER III - 5% of students

Counselor, principal, behavior specialist, etc. PBIS team - SAT team

TIER II - 5% - 20% of students

Teacher meets with SAT team, behavior plans, recess intervention

TIER I - 80% of students

Initial classroom instruction and review, school wide positive behavior matrix