Mt. Blue Regional District Vision Statement

Our learning community creates structures that support students’ achievement by:

  • Expanding student-centered learning opportunities in a variety of settings.
  • Increasing student engagement, motivation, and voice.
  • Providing flexible time frames based on students’ needs.
  • Collaborating with students to develop and monitor learning plans.
  • Implementing a challenging, meaningful, Proficiency Based Education System that transcends from the classroom into the community and the world.

Title for Teacher Feature
Nicole Lesperance

Nicole Lesperance teaches first grade at Mallett School. RSU 9 was very fortunate to have Nicole join us three years ago after 10 years of teaching in MSAD 58.  Although she is incredibly busy with her own young family and the many events that they participate in, she works countless hours to make her classroom interactive and engaging with a huge variety of activities and centers. She focuses on providing students with many different and creative ways to meet the standards. One of her most challenging responsibilities is making sure that every student is able to meet the standards especially given how diverse students are today. The abilities and experiences that students bring to the classroom vary greatly.

Nicole working with students at a table
The 2011 building project at Mallett School included many technological tools for teachers such as interactive whiteboards, projectors, and document cameras. Nicole uses this technology daily to empower her students to be more independent and immerse them in engaging learning experiences. Her latest technique is using an online tool called Seesaw to help her students create digital portfolios that are shared with their parents. The first graders independently take pictures of themselves and of their work, record their voice, create videos, and more then upload them to the portfolio to be shared with Mrs. Lesperance and parents. This is exciting for the students, and they are eager to post their work for feedback.

In addition to her busy classroom, Nicole is also on the Mallett Leadership Team and is a technology liaison for Mallett, a building-based technology helper. Nicole and her counterpart, Stacey Augustine, not only help with day to day technology issues but provide rich staff development opportunities to Mallett teachers. This energy and excitement to use technology as a tool to engage students and meet state and district standards have been contagious at Mallett.

Nicole working with students in a circle