Superintendent's Message

On behalf of the Mt. Blue Regional School District (RSU 9), I would like to welcome you to our website. RSU 9 proudly serves the communities of Chesterville, Farmington, Industry, New Sharon, New Vineyard, Starks, Temple, Vienna, Weld, and Wilton. We have approximately 2300 students and 450 employees that are very dedicated to meeting the needs of our children. Our schools are very well maintained and we are fortunate that each of our seven schools has been renovated or built new. We have two recently completed building projects. Mallett Elementary is a new PK-2 school in Farmington and the 9-12 Mt. Blue Campus has been completely renovated, integrating Mt. Blue High School and Foster CTE. The programs we offer our children are truly amazing and we are very proud of the support our communities give to our schools.

There are many changes in our district as we have restructured our schools to better meet the needs of our students and reduce overcrowding. Mallett Elementary is now PK-2, Cascade Brook School is 3-5, Cape Cod Hill School is PK-5, Cushing is PK-1, Academy Hill is 2-5, and Mt. Blue Middle School is now 6-8.

In an effort to provide more consistent staff development for our employees we have significantly reduced the number of early release days and have gone to “Late Arrival Wednesdays” which is simply a one-hour delay start on Wednesdays. We have many initiatives going on in the district, which include a new teacher and administrative evaluation model by Marzano, Proficiency Based Education K-12, which will lead to a Proficiency Based Diploma beginning with the Class of 2019. All of these initiatives will help us to meet students where they are with their learning and move them forward at their learning pace making sure they have the necessary supports in place to succeed.

We feel that with outstanding facilities and an outstanding staff the sky is the limit for our children and the pathways they choose to pursue for their future.

Dr. Tom


Dr. Thomas J. Ward
Superintendent of Schools
Mt. Blue Regional School District 

Mt. Blue Regional District Mission Statement

Our learning community creates structures that support students’

achievement by:

  • Expanding student-centered learning opportunities in a variety of settings.
  • Increasing student engagement, motivation, and voice.
  • Providing flexible time frames based on students’ needs.
  • Collaborating with students to develop and monitor learning plans.
  • Implementing a challenging, meaningful, Proficiency Based Education System that transcends from the classroom into the community and the world.

Late Arrival Wednesday/Early Release Schedules & Topics by School
This information can also be found on the Parent/Community Resources page.

MBRSD Current Conditions

Mt. Blue RSD Will Offer Free Flu Vaccine Clinics for Students



Mt. Blue Regional School District will be offering free flu vaccines for students.  Maine CDC recommends a yearly flu vaccine as the first and most important step in protecting against this serious disease.  The school located vaccine clinics provide a convenient opportunity for more children to be vaccinated, which makes for a safer and healthier school environment.  Children who receive flu vaccine are much less likely to get the flu and miss school.


Paperwork about the flu vaccine clinics was recently sent home with students.  The completed Health Screen and Permission Form must be returned to your child’s school in order for them to receive vaccine.  Contact your child’s school nurse if you have questions or if you need additional copies of the permission form.  Copies of the vaccine information and permission form are also available on the website at


There are many advantages to having your child vaccinated in a school-based clinic.  The vaccine is provided from the Maine Immunization Program and is free for all students.  Some insurance carriers will be billed for administering the vaccine, but there are no copayments and no costs will be passed on to families.   Parents are not required to attend the clinics and thus do not need to worry about missing work or arranging transportation.  Because the vaccine clinics are during the school day, children do not need to be pulled from school for an appointment with their health care provider.  A record of the vaccine will be entered into the State’s Immunization Registry and will be available for your child’s health care provider as needed.


It is not certain what type of flu vaccine will be available.  If possible, the intranasal mist vaccine will be used on eligible students.  Flu “shots” will be given if this vaccine is not available or for students with health issues that prevent the use of intranasal mist.   Parents are welcome but not required to attend the vaccine clinic.  Contact your child’s school nurse to make arrangements if you want to be with your child.


If you have questions about flu or flu vaccine, please contact your child’s medical provider, their school nurse, or the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention at or at 1-800-867-4775.   Also


These are the anticipated dates for the vaccine clinic in each school.  Parents will be notified through a PowerSchool or a take-home announcement if the date is changed.  Vaccine will only be given to students with returned permission forms.


·      Mt. Blue Middle School:  Monday, October 27, 2014

·      Cascade Brook School:  Wednesday, October 29, 2014

·      Mt. Blue High School:  Tuesday, November 4, 2014

·      Cape Cod Hill School:  Wednesday, November 5, 2014

·      Academy Hill and Cushing Schools:  Thursday, November 6, 2014

·      Mallett School:  Thursday, November 13, 2014 

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