Pooled Testing Information 

Pooled testing is one of RSU 9's risk-reducing strategies to help our students and staff stay in school and participate in sports and extracurricular activities. 

Pooled Testing Consent Form

A big thank you to one of our RSU 9 students for showing how easy it is to do pooled testing! Please contact your school for more information and a consent form. Students and staff who participate in weekly pooled testing do not have to quarantine from school exposure!

Pooled Testing Notices

What is pooled testing?

  • A group of students or staff who wish to participate are tested as a “pool” on a weekly basis. 
  • If there is no positive test, then all in the pool are determined to be COVID-free. 
  • If a positive case shows up in the “pool”, each person is then tested again, and the person(s) who test positive will then be expected to quarantine.
  • All others in the pool will not quarantine unless they have symptoms. 

What are the benefits of pooled testing?

  • The ongoing testing allows for early detection of the virus and, therefore reduces the likelihood of spread within the wider school community. 
  • There is a reduced need for quarantine. Pooled testing participants are not required to quarantine if there is exposure within a classroom at school where the distance of 3 ft or more has been maintained.  

Pooled Testing Resources for families and staff