Please contact your school's nurse with any health updates or medical concerns.

School School Nurse Phone Number Fax Number Email
Academy Hill School Kimberly Lloyd, BSN, RN 207-645-4488 207-645-3844 Kimberly Lloyd
Cape Cod Hill School Jesstine Meader, ADN, RN 207-778-3031 207-778-6910 Jesstine Meader
Cascade Brook School Janneke Strickland, BSN, RN 207-778-4821 207-778-5809 Janneke Strickland
G.D. Cushing School Kimberly Lloyd, BSN, RN 207-645-2442 207-645-5102 Kimberly Lloyd
Mt. Blue Campus
Mt. Blue High School and Foster Tech Center
Vicky Gerstenberger, BSN, RN 207-778-2771 207-778-3564 Vicky Gerstenberger
Mt. Middle School Kimberly Foss, ADN, RN 207-778-3511 207-778-5810 Kimberly Foss
W.G. Mallett School Kathryn Clement, BSN, RN 207-778-3529 207-778-5823 Kathryn Clement