MBC Legacy Campaign Overview

Architect Drawing of new High School

“We are like dwarfs sitting on the shoulders of giants.  We see more, and things that are more distant than they did, not because our sight is superior or because we are taller than they, but because they raise us up, and by their great stature add to ours.”                                                        - John of Salisbury


A school is at the center of a community’s life.

The Mt. Blue Learning Campus will be a model of what an educational facility should be, to provide for the future. Our future is now!

Our renovated learning campus will allow for the full integration of career technical programs with traditional high school education. The campus will support lifelong learning that will offer adult education, Franklin County Community College courses, University extension courses and industry specific training areas.

State funding for the project will provide for the basic necessities, such as classroom furniture and equipment for the performance areas and playing fields. We all understand that a campus designed to last fifty years should have better quality materials that will go beyond what the State will fund.

This fund raising campaign will strive to provide durable enhancements in many areas.  Money raised will provide funding to better equip science and learning labs, art, family and consumer science, career and technical education instruction spaces, classroom furniture and performing arts spaces, to name a few. Money raised will also go to provide additional storage units for the competition fields, better lighting and sound systems for the performance areas, and upgrade and expand seating for sporting events.

Together we can provide current and future generations of students and the community of Franklin County with an enhanced educational facility that will better meet present and future needs.  This is our opportunity to create a positive image for our community and demonstrate our support for our children and future generations.

We encourage you to give this campaign careful consideration and think of the positive impact that our donations to this amazing project can have for our students.  Attached you will find materials and a list of possible naming opportunities for your consideration.

We hope that you will join this campaign so that in the future we can feel that we did everything possible to improve the educational and economic opportunities for our area.

We invite you to join us in making dreams real for current and future students in the greater Franklin County community.