Kindergarten Screening Image

Kindergarten Screenings Announced:

  • Cushing School - Wednesday, May 3 2:00-5:30 (Both Pre-K and Kindergarten). Call Cushing School at 645-2442 to schedule a time to register

  • Cape Cod Hill School - Thursday, May 4 3:30-5:30 (Both Pre-K and Kindergarten). Call Cape Cod Hill School at 778-3031 to schedule a time to register

  • Mallett School- Pre-K Registration Wednesday, May 17 and Thursday, May 18 8:30-4. Kindergarten Registration Friday, May 19 8:30-4. Call Mallett School at 778-3529 to schedule a time to register

Mt. Blue Regional District Vision Statement

Our learning community creates structures that support students’ achievement by:

  • Expanding student-centered learning opportunities in a variety of settings.
  • Increasing student engagement, motivation, and voice.
  • Providing flexible time frames based on students’ needs.
  • Collaborating with students to develop and monitor learning plans.
  • Implementing a challenging, meaningful, Proficiency Based Education System that transcends from the classroom into the community and the world.

Title for Teacher Feature

Lucinda Dreschler has spent all of her career at Academy Hill School, yet her enthusiasm for teaching is as if it were her first day. Lucinda teaches fifth grade and teams up on many units and projects with Nancy Ellis, another fifth grade teacher. Lucinda has a Master’s in Literacy and serves on the Academy Hill School Leadership Committee as well as on the district English/Language Arts Subject Area Committee. The district benefits greatly from her years of expertise and commitment to excellence.

When school isn’t in session, Lucinda enjoys a number of outside activities with her husband including walking, kayaking, boating, x-country skiing, and spending time at her family camp on Great Pond.

Lucinda with Students
Lucinda’s students are very involved in the flow of the classroom each day. They collaborate on many technology-rich activities and even coach students who need assistance. Lucinda facilitates having different student “experts” depending on what they are working. The students take great pride in helping others and mastering a variety of tools to organize their research and writing, create multimedia, and explore topics at a deep level. Great attention is paid to standards, but Lucinda works hard to include student voice and choice. The students are very articulate when explaining why they choose a tool or a method to demonstrate proficiency. They are very comfortable using many online resources such as the Google Apps suite to communicate their learning with Mrs. Dreschler and their parents. Lucinda’s goal of “maintaining a classroom which supports and encourages inquiry learning and creativity” is very evident when observing her students. Lucinda tells of challenges with having a large class and the responsibility of making sure every child is constantly learning and growing. She provides student with motivational ways to reinforce curriculum and differentiates for students of varying abilities.

Earlier in the year, Mrs. Dreschler’s class participated in a building-wide day at Kineawatha Park, which was focused on the outdoor classroom and team building activities. The students had a great time while gaining valuable skills, which enable them to get along well and collaborate with one another.