Volunteer Procedures

Mt. Blue Regional School District



**You can download and print the Volunteer Procedures below.

Volunteers must register with the district Volunteer Coordinator each school year by completing a Volunteer Registration form for the school where they will be serving. This form can be found at www.mtbluersd.org/district-information/volunteers. The volunteer registration form must be completed at least 48 hours before a school event to ensure timely processing. 


When you arrive at school, sign in at the front office and put on a Volunteer or Visitor name tag. All volunteers must wear a name tag when they are at school.


Volunteers should dress casually and conservatively during their time at school. Please refrain from wearing pajamas, sweat pants, or ripped clothing.


Volunteers must use staff/employee restrooms at school. Volunteers cannot use student bathrooms. Ask a classroom teacher or school secretary if you need help finding a restroom.


Student confidentiality is important and is mandated by law. Volunteers should not discuss specific information about students or student behavior with anyone except appropriate school personnel. Even cute or funny stories should not be repeated. Student information may only be shared between a staff member and a parent. If a parent asks questions about his/her child, please refer the parent to a teacher.

Volunteers will not take photos or videos of students. Staff will be responsible for this task. 

Cell phone use while working with students is not appropriate. Please set your phone on vibrate unless you anticipate an urgent call. 

Due to the need for vigilance and consistent oversight of our students, we are NOT able to accommodate siblings, non-students, or non-volunteer approved adults on field trips or during other volunteer activities. 


Volunteers are expected to share with teachers and/or administrators any concerns related to student welfare or safety.


Discipline is left to school staff. Volunteers should encourage appropriate behavior from students such as voice level, respecting personal space, and respecting property, for example. Volunteers should refer inappropriate behavior to a teacher or staff member who has the authority to discipline a student.


Volunteer work with students is site based at each school. Volunteers should not arrange to meet with students outside of regular volunteer time.


Volunteers should be professional in regards to student contact. Students may not sit on a volunteer’s lap. Volunteers are not authorized to assist students in the bathroom. Please find a staff member if a student you are working with a student who needs assistance in the bathroom.

For your own protection, always be within sight of a staff member while volunteering. If working one on one with a student, public work spaces like hallways, the library, and cafeterias are all acceptable areas to work. Ask a teacher or staff member if you need clarification about adequate work space with students. 


Volunteers should not exchange personal contact information with students.


If you are unable to attend on a regularly scheduled volunteer day, please let the classroom teacher or lead staff member know ahead of time if possible. You should leave a message with a school secretary or send the teacher an email if you are not able to attend, with plenty of lead time so plans can be adjusted. 


Volunteers will not possess weapons of any kind while on school property or during school events off premises.


Volunteers will not possess or use tobacco or any nicotine-related products and will not possess or be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs while on school property or during school events off premises.


***Volunteers will inform the Volunteer Coordinator of any changes to their criminal background. 


***A complete criminal background check is required for volunteers going on overnight field trips. 

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