2020-21 Budget Development

2020-21 District Budget Development

Budget Meeting Dates

Budget Committee

Cherieann Harrison, Wayne Kinney, Dennis O’Neil, Kirk Doyle, Jeff Harris, Angie LeClair, and Carol Cole

*All meetings are in the Forum at Mt. Blue Campus unless noted

 Date and Time Description Video/Documents
February 26, 2020


School Board Budget Committee meeting: Full-day presentations for educational programs in RSU9 (all schools present). Instruction, and CTESuperintendent Overview of FY21 Budget
Cascade Brook / Presentation 
Cape Cod Hill School Presentation/ Presentation
Academy Hill & Cushing / AHS Presentation and Cushing Presentation
Mid-day questions from the Board
Mallett School / Presentation
Middle School / Presentation
Mt. Blue High School / Presentation
Foster CTE Center / Presentation
Wrap up and next steps

March 6, 2020


School Board Budget Committee meeting: Full-day presentations for Operations/Transporation, Special Education, Technology, Adult Education, Improvement of Instruction/Student Supports,  Systems Administration, and DebtMorning questions from the Board
Operations/Transportation/ Presentation
Special Education/ Presentation
Technology/ Presentation
Adult EducationPresentation
Food services
Improvement of Instruction/Student Support/ Presentation
Systems Administration/ Presentation

March 26, 2020


School Board Budget Committee meeting: Finalize draft budget 3/26/20 Meeting canceled
April 6, 2020


Budget Committee Meeting
Budget Documents

April 9, 2020
Budget Committee Meeting        
April 28, 2020

May 26, 2020        

May 28, 2020
Board of Directors Meeting
Budget Discussion    

June 23, 2020 6:00pm        
Board of Directors meeting with Budget Presentation

Budget Community Forum

Budget Hearing
FY 21 Budget Presentation

Vimeo Video

Video-Budget Community Forum
5/26/20 Powerpoint
2020-2021 Budget Summary
Projected Revenue/Proposed Town Assessments

5/28/20 Video
5/28/20 Revenue Projections
5/28/20 Proposed Town Assessments
5/28/20 Budget Summary

6/3/20 Proposed Town Assessment 

Budget Hearing Guide
6/23/20 Public Budget Hearing Video